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Machine data
Application area  
Environmental conditions Ambient temperature
max. travel length of the carrier LS max. acceleration/deceleration:
mm m/s²
Travel speed Frequency of travel
m/s mal/h
max. installation height H max. installation width B
mm mm
Installation variant
EBV01 horizontal arrangement "self-supporting"
EBV03 horizontal arrangement "with permitted sag"
EBV05 horizontal arrangement "sliding in a guide channel"
EBV07 Ehorizontal arrangement "turned through 90° - straight"
EBV09 horizontal arrangement "turned throug 90° - circular"
EBV10 vertical arrangement "standing"
EBV11 vertical arrangement "hanging"
Cables and hoses
Cable/hose type Number of cables
Number of cores x cable-cross section Cable diameter
mm2 mm
Weight Minimum bend radius
kg/m mm
Carrier/stay cross-section:
enclosed openable
Number of dividers  
Pieces/Cross section
Additional information
Additional information
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