Delivery instructions for suppliers of TSUBAKI KABELSCHLEPP GmbH

1. General instructions

The scope of these rules applies to all plants, subsidiaries and suppliers. These general packaging guidelines always apply whenever no other stipulations are demanded separately. In order to minimise the use of packaging materials, the packaging scope in the total process chain from suppliers to the customer is to be optimised. Damages to any goods must be avoided. The good appearance of deliveries in the view of our customers must be guaranteed. Part numbers, quantities and packaging materials must be used according to production schedule, delivery specification or packaging instruction. Only clean packaging materials which are free from defects are to be used. When using or filling packaging materials it must be ensured that no old or incorrect labels are attached to the packaging materials.

2. Delivery note

A delivery note, generally in duplicate, must be firmly attached and visible in a delivery note pouch on the outside of the first package to be unloaded. For deliveries consisting of multiple packages or pallets, there must be specific labelling of the package or pallet on which the delivery documentation is attached.

3. Information on the delivery note

a) Delivery note number
b) TSUBAKI Kabelschlepp order number with order item
c) TSUBAKI Kabelschlepp material number
d) Material description
e) Quantity with quantity unit in accordance with order unit
f) For direct deliveries to departments: Name / department of recipient, cost centre (if known)
g) For hazardous goods: Hazardous goods class

4. Freight forwarding paperwork

Materials delivered via freight forwarders must be delivered with a freight forwarding order on which the delivery note(s) have been consolidated into one shipment. When the shipment is accepted it must be possible to quickly and accurately identify the delivered quantity of packages and acknowledge their receipt.

5. Pallet goods

Pallet goods are to be delivered exclusively on DIN standard flat euro pallets. In the event of inferior quality pallets, no exchange is made. The maximum pallet height is 1000 mm including the pallet, the maximum weight per pallet must not exceed 800 kg.

All standard dimensions, in particular pallet dimensions, are to be adhered to as mandatory. It is important to ensure that the delivered goods have no protruding fasteners, load securing equipment, bulges on attached cardboard or stretched plastic film.

6. Containers

The use of a packing case for the packaging of several individual containers is permitted. This packing case must display a clear and detailed content declaration. Cardboard packaging for small parts must not exceed the following weights and dimensions: (LxWxH) 600 × 400 × 220 mm, max. 30 kg. When such cardboard packages are delivered stacked in several layers on pallets, a stable, flat intermediate cardboard layers are to be used between each layer. Each individual container such as a euro pallet, carton or sack is to be labelled with the material description, material number and included quantity. Several individual containers of different items must not be packed together in one packing case. The use of metal strips is prohibited. Packages may only be stacked if there is no risk of damage or distortion of the packages at the bottom. All packaging (cardboard packaging materials) are to be selected based on their quality so that they protect the goods adequately from damage and loss. If the shipping packaging selected by the supplier is not adequate, we reject any joint liability of any resulting damages and will have the materials checked, repacked or appropriately disposed of by our goods-in department at the cost of the supplier. For deliveries of coils (rolled up metals strips of all types) an intermediate wood layer of at least 20 mm is to be inserted between each layer.

7. REACH and RoHS Conformity

The supplier shall ensure that it complies with the requirements of the EU Chemicals Regulation REACH (Regulation (EC) No. 1907/2006 of 30.12.2006) in its currently applicable version, in particular that the registration of substances has been undertaken. It also ensures it complies with the RoHS requirements (2002/95/EC) for products according to their application area.

8. Enclosures and packaging materials

Enclosures of third materials such as information brochures, advertising materials, sample parts or other paperwork such as test reports, invoices etc. within the individual containers is not permitted. Paper and corrugated cardboard can be used as padding and filler materials. Only model-specific polystyrene mouldings are permitted. Items such as slips of paper, pieces of string, waste or plastic are not permitted in the containers and a charge will be made for their disposal.

9. Test documents

Reports and test certificates are to be enclosed with the goods and handed over with the delivery paperwork upon delivery at the goods-in department of TSUBAKI Kabelschlepp.

10.Transportation of hazardous goods

The supplier must observe and comply with the legal obligations relating to hazardous goods in accordance with the Hazardous Goods Transportation Act and its subordinated decrees in the currently applicable version.

11. Labelling of components / surface protection

Steel components are generally to be marked with the Tsubaki Kabelschlepp material number to prevent any mistakes in their identification. The type of labelling is agreed explicitly with the supplier. Components which are finished with a powder coating or similar surface, must be protected against scratches and damages by packing them in bubble wrap. Components must also be packed unmixed to prevent mix-ups.

12. Supplier company holidays

If the supplier has company holidays, the logistics processing must also be guaranteed during these periods. Advance deliveries are not accepted. It must be guaranteed that a contact person in the logistics department at the supplier can be reached.

13. Final provisions

Any exceptions to these instructions are to be requested in good time in advance in writing. If these delivery instructions are not complied with, we will be forced to pass on to you any additional costs incurred.