ROBOTRAX system components

A suitable accessory for every application

Active pull back mechanism

Rapid, repetitive movements of relatively long cable carrier systems in large operating envelopes, constantly hitting the robot arm, are to blame for reducing the service life of the carrier and installed cables. This can lead to a failure of the overall robotic system with expensive downtime and production outages – system failure must be prevented.

Heat shield/Protective sleeve

Heat shield: The heat shield, made of aluminiumcoated textile fiber, protects the cable carrier and the cables within from flying sparks. A heat shield is recommended where there are flying sparks.

Protective sleeve: The protective sleeve made of layered polyester offers protection against aggressive cutting and hydraulic oils as well as from fine dusts and paint sprays (not illustrated).

Chucking device

This can be used to set the steel wire to the desired tension quickly and easily, and can be readjusted at any time.

Strain relief

For securing the cables and hoses. (A strain relief device cannot be used on the same end of the ROBOTRAX as a chucking device.)

Guidance holder

  • System failure due to cable carrier striking the robot is avoided
  • Cable carrier glides back and forth through holding device
  • Easy and time saving assembly and disassembly
  • Carrier can be quickly and easily opened or closed for fast cable installation
  • Can be used in combination with standard holder
  • Available for all ROBOTRAX sizes


The service life of the cable carriers and cables is significantly reduced through impacts when moving quickly and large operating areas. The protector protects the cable carrier from hard impacts, excessive abrasion and premature wear and, simultaneously, provides limiting of the smallest bend radius. Down times are minimized. The complete cable carrier must not be replaced, but only the Protector.

Quick-opening bracket mounted on a rotary plate

Yet one more degree of freedom on the fastening points. The quick-opening mounting bracket can also rotate on a rotary plate, thus providing greater flexibility when the robot is performing complex movements.

Quick-opening bracket on a helical spring

If the bracket is mounted on a helical spring, it can give elastically in all directions, swivel, swing out in 3 dimensions and spring back ito place again.