TKHD series

Heavy duty cable carriers for long travel lengths and high additional loads

Serie TKHD

  1. Aluminum stays available in 1 mm width sections

  2. Plastic chain link plates

  3. Quick and easy opening to the inside or outside for cable laying

  4. Cable-friendly interior – no interfering edges

  5. Fixable dividers

  1. Dividers and subdivision for separating the cables

  2. Replaceable glide shoes for increased service life in gliding application

  3. Robust, double stop system

  4. Steel installation brackets

  5. Alternatively available as RSC-system (roller supported system)

  • Sub-division
  • Inner heights
    87 mm
  • Inner widths
    up to 500 mm
    larger widths on request
  • Pitch
    90 mm
  • Bending radius
    250 - 360 mm
  • Bi increments
    1 mm
  • Travel speed
    up to 5 m/s
  • Travel

    up to 2 m/s2


  • Massive, enclosed, stain-repellend stop system
  • Massive sidebands through robust double fork-bracket-construction
  • Sidebands easy to assemble
  • Reinforced pin bore connection
  • Integrated noise damping
  • Integrated brake
  • Quick and easy opening to the inside or outside
  • for cable laying
  • Soil-resistant outer contour
  • Low maintenance effort
  • Variable vertical inner distribution optional with fixable dividers
  • Replaceable glide shoes for longer service life in gliding long travel arrangements
  • Aluminium stays with 1 mm width section
  • Suitable also for roller-mounted application (RSC)
  • Linear force curve
  • Polygon-optimized contour
  • 90 mm chain pitch

Selection criteria

  • For dirty and rough application conditions
  • When a particularly robust chain is required
  • When a simple and quick installation is requested
  • When an especially long service life is required
  • When a simple vertical inner distribution is needed, also with fixable dividers
  • When the highest demands are placed on the cable carrier
  • When a chain needs to be fitted exactly into an installation space in a 1 mm width section
  • When replaceable gliding shoes are desired for long travel applications
  • When a simple opening is required
  • When a rolling system is required
  • When long travels have to be realized